Christmas Letter 2008 - COMING SOON!

For those who already got our Christmas card and are checking out the site for this year's brand spanking new letter, well, good luck to ya! Really, count yourself lucky you actually got the card before Christmas. A very merry one to you, or Happy Hannukah, and all that. We promise, Brian is slaving away on the letter as we speak (I mean, as you read this), probably over a triple espresso truffle mocha at Starbucks so slaving may not be the most appropriate description. Rest assured, it will be late but funny, just like our family.

In the meantime, enjoy the cuties below, and feel free to check out my other blogs, Not Just a Working Mom and Not Just a Working Mom Reviews, which of course will also be updated when I have more time, I promise. My three week shutdown just started today, give me a break.


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